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Hands on learning using real foods and food packaging to connect to real lives


Promote wellbeing in the workplace through staff nutrition workshops and build skills to make healthy food choice everyday


Boost workplace productivity by promoting health and wellbeing workshops that support healthy bodies and minds


Discover the amazing ways that food keeps the body healthy and the connection between food and mood

Learn how the body gets energy

from food and how to choose foods that boost energy.


Compare common foods for sugar, fat and salt content and learn how to understand food labels. 


Improve your workplace productivity through improved health awareness. 

Food for Energy


Explore the scientific connections

between food, mood and concentration.

Learn how to incorporate mood foods into

your meals to boost brain power and work productivity. 


Compare foods based on sugar, fat and salt content and learn how to understand food labels. 

Mood Food


Discover how to pack more

nutrients into common meals and snacks using Super Foods.


Find out how to reduce the risk of many lifestyle conditions, including type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Improve workplace productivity through

improved health awareness.

Super Foods