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  • Sophie Butcher

Mood Food Connection

Latest scientific research from the Food and Mood centre, a collaborative research centre led by Deakin University in Australia, has shown that food and mental health are directly linked.

Importantly, an unhealthy diet full of junk food, high sugar, saturated fat and salt, or not enough 'nutrient-dense' foods is now known to be a risk factor for depression, anxiety and emotional dysregulation in children.

To protect you mental health try including these 'Brain Boosting Foods' in your diet regularly:

- Green leafy vegetables

- A variety of coloured, fresh vegetables

- Fresh fruit

- Cold water fish (salmon, tuna, mackeral)

- Whole grains

- Raw nuts and seeds

- Legumes

- Chicken and Turkey

- Olive Oil

Also avoid regular consumption of 'Brain Fog Foods' such as lollies, chocolate, fried foods, ice cream, biscuits, cakes, chips.

To find out more check out the research

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