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  • Sophie Butcher

Eggs: a quick, easy and nutritious solution to meals

Are you stuck for meal ideas that are quick, easy and nutritious? Especially if you are busy or have little kids running around demanding your time and energy.

Then do not discard a simple egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Eggs contain good quality protein, vitamins, minerals and are a great source of healthy fats including omega-3 fats. Eggs are also low in saturated fat and you can eat up to 6 eggs as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Do not be concerned that eating eggs on most days will cause a rise in your cholesterol levels. The cholesterol in eggs does not effect your blood cholesterol levels like saturated and trans fats do.

The most healthy way to cook eggs are to boil, poach or scramble then using ricotta cheese in place of butter and milk.

Tips for boiling eggs:

- Boil the water first and add a few teaspoons of salt to the water.

- Soft boiled eggs (perfect to dip in toast soldiers with avocado spread on them) cook for 5 minutes.

- Medium boiled eggs (a little running but a partly firm yolk) cook for 7 minutes.

- Hard boiled eggs cook for 10 minutes.

Remember if eggs are straight from the fridge then gently dip them in the boiling water a few times and remove so they adjust to the change in temperature. The salt in the water will stop egg from leaking out if the shell cracks.

Thanks to the team at Jamie's Ministry of Food in Geelong who taught me the perfect boiling times ( )

Where possible always choose free range and organic eggs.

Enjoy x

The nutrition packed egg

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