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Scientific research supports an association between the consumption of key foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, fish and olive oil, as part of a healthy diet and improved mental health.

The majority of Australians do not meet the Australian Dietary Guideline recommendations for the five food groups, particularly vegetable and legumes intake. Eating a balanced diet is important for brain growth and development, and to keep your body strong and healthy. 

Studies show a balanced, healthy diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and fish can be protective against the development of

mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

Food Talks Nutrition has developed a special series of incursions and workshops that support children, adolescent and adult mental health through nutrition education. Our programs cover the science behind 'brain boosting' foods and a healthy diet, provide food examples and show you how to incorporate more of these foods into your diet in fun and interesting ways. 


All programs are based on current scientific research, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Victorian Curriculum. Selected content is produced with assistance from the Food & Mood Centre

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