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Promoting the science of healthy eating through learning and play.


Hands on learning using real foods, lunch boxes and food packaging to connect to real lives


Incursions are curriculum based and teachers are provided with links to Health and Science for assessment and reporting


Students explore food science and develop their science understanding and inquiry skills. Programs are based on scientific research


Discover the amazing ways that food helps the body stay healthy and the connection between food and mood

Selected content is produced with assistance from the Food & Mood Centre

"We learned so much about understanding food packaging to inform the food choices we make to keep our bodies healthy. Thank you for such an informative and interactive incursion!"

Sherryn - Grade 2 Teacher, Geelong

"Awesome! The children loved the hands on experience with weird and wonderful foods! They have continued to talk about the things they learned all week."

Bianca, Grade Prep Teacher, Geelong

"The food science activity rotations worked really well and the students were amazed by the ways that food can improve their mood and energy."

Sam, Year 8 Teacher, Geelong

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